Urgut tour Paper factory

Urgut tour Paper factory




5-7 hours




Samarkand – Paper Factory “Konigul”- Urgut -

Urgut tour Paper factory


Konigil – is a small village near Samarkand. It is a home for a family of the local craftsmen who produces the silk paper using only the traditional technology like water mills and most of the work done by hand. The history of the silk paper is dated back to 105 A.D. and was invented by Chinese. Thanks to the Silk Road the process of making paper was brought to Samarkand in 7th century. In this trip you will participate in paper making process and have an excursion around the paper factory. The factory is located in the very peaceful and charming part of the village on the banks of the Siab river.
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 • 1 person in a group – 70$ per person 
 • 2 persons in a group – 35$ per person 
 • 3 persons in a group – 25$ per person
Price includes: 
 • Transport (air conditioned sedan): Samarkand-> - Silk Carpet factory - Konigil – Urgut – Chor Chinor – Samarkand
NOT Included in the Price 
 • The entrance tickets to monuments 
 • Guide services (optional $40)
 • Any meal plans

Please note that above trip suggestion can be tailored to your individual needs.

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Our creative plan

(09:00am) Optionally Samarkand – Silk Carpet Factory After breakfast depart to Silk Carpet factory. 
The family owned workshop unique in Central Asia offers you to experience the handmade carpet weaving process from the start to the end. The short excursion will explain the whole process of carpet making starting from the silk production techniques till fully ready carpets. Also you will reveal to yourself the handmade silk carpet buying secrets from the experts.

(10:15am) Samarkand – Konigil
 Participate in Paper Making process and have a walk around the craftsmen’s workshop. Observe the water mills and water wheels at work and see the appearance of the silk paper and even try yourself to produce the paper in the ancient traditional way.

(11:00am) Konigil------ Urgut bazaar. 
Visit to Urgut bazaar – famous for its wholesale market and also among the foreign visitors the Suzani market. Suzani is the handmade cloth to hang on the walls, can be used as bedcovers, table cloth, etc. Observe the market day of the local people where you can practice your negotiating skill and even improve it. Because the traders of Urgut are considered to be one the best in the region which goes back to days of the Great Silk Road where the ancestors of these people were learning the art of trading.

(12:30pm) Urgut bazaar – Chor Chinor plane tree grove. 
Chor chinor is the grove located in the upper side of Urgut town near the Zeravshan ridge. The thousand-year plane trees are the main landmarks in this grove. The branches of the trees grew into unbelievable shapes with impressing gigantic sizes which makes then unique in this region.

(01:30pm) Chor Chinor plane tree grove - Samarkand Return to Samarkand