Nuratau homestay 3 Days

Nuratau homestay 3 Days




3 Days/2 nights





Nuratau homestay 3 Days


Nuratau homestay Tour Description

This three days trip gives you an opportunity to discover the country side of Uzbekistan and its hospitable rural people living in the remote villages of Nuratau Mountains.You will be staying with the mountain farmer’s family where there is a great opportunity to interact with locals and learn about their culture, traditions and daily life. You will also have a chance to see some local sites during the day’s hike on the second day of the tour. On the way we stop in an ancient city of Nurata famous for Alexander the Greats fortress ruins, local Suzani workshop and Chashma Mosque

In five of the lush green river valleys, in the villages Eski Forish, Asraf, Uhum, Upper Uhum, Hayat and Sentyabten families converted parts of their homes into rural homestays. All the buildings were designed according to the tradition and constructed out of local rocks. They are located in big gardens under old walnut and mulberry trees. All houses have essential facilities such as bedrooms furnished with kurpacha mattresses, blankets and pillows, showers, flush toilets and good drinking water.

After an active day of hiking, horseback riding or swimming in the lake located 30-40km further north, you can take a refreshing shower. Those who wish can watch or take part in traditional cooking or baking bread in a clay oven (tandir). You can choose whether you would like to sleep outside on a tapchan or in a specially prepared bedroom. There are many opportunities, particularly during spring and late autumn, to witness the “Kupkari” events – a traditional game on horseback. You might also have the chance to take part in a local wedding or another traditional festivity.

Price of the trip:
·       1 person in a group – 275$ per person
        2 persons in a group – 175$ per person
        3 persons in a group – 165$ per person
Price includes:
  • Accommodation: 2 nights homestay
  • 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners
  • 1 day mountain escort guide service
  • Sealed mineral water during the hike
  • Entrance tickets in Nurata city
· Transport: Samarkand or Bukhara->Nuratau Mountains->Nurata city ->Bukhara or Samarkand

Our creative plan

Samarkand or Bukhara - Nuratau Mountains
 * Departure from Samarkand at 9:00 AMto Hayat village in the Nuratau Mountains. (220 km/4 hours) 
* 13:00 Arrive in Hayat and settle in the homestay 
* 13:30 Lunch
 * 14:30 – 16:30 Walking around the village See: - breeding enclosure of wild endangered sheep - ruins of an old village 
*16:30-18:00 Watch or participate in traditional meal cooking or just relax 
* 18:00 Dinner 
* Overnight stay in the homestay

8:00 Breakfast  
*9:00 Guided hike via Ukhum to Asraf village (12km/ 4 hours) 
                    * See: - the plains of Kyzyl-Kum steppe from the top of Karul mount -             ruins of ‘Deh’ fortress  
*13:00 Arrive in Asraf village and settle in the homestay 
* 13:30 Lunch  
*14:30 Walk around the village and get to know the daily livelihood activities of the people  
*16:30 -18:00 Free time in the homestay 18:00 Dinner 
Overnight stay in the homestay

Nuratau Mountains – Bukhara or Samarkand
* 8:00 Breakfast
*9:00 Depart from Nuratau Mountains via Nurata to Bukhara
*11:00 Stopover in Nurata and see the ruins of Alexander the
Greats fortress, local Suzani workshop and Chashma Mosque
* 12:00 Continue to Bukhara 
* 15:00 Arrive to Bukhara or Samarkand